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  A Year of Orcadian Tradition

"I measure night and day," says September the joiner.
"Not long now, at the longest, the dark."


September September was, and still is, the month of harvest.

Many of the traditions surrounding harvest are now forgotten but, at one time, this was the busiest, and most laborious, period of the Orkney farming year.

For full details of old Orcadian harvest lore, click here.
  The Feast of St Michael, Michaelmas, was celebrated in the islands on September 29 - October 12, by the Old Style calendar. It has been suggested that Orkney's "Muckle Feast" is actually a corruption of the"Mikkel Feast" - "Mikkel" being the Norse for "Michael". Click here for more details.
  September sees the arrival of the "Gore Vellye" - the Autumn Tumult - a time when equinoctial gales batter the islands.

The early Orcadians explained these weather conditions as the result of a fearsome battle between the Sea Mither and her bitter nemesis, Teran.
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