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Last updated: May 2, 2014
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Welcome to Orkneyjar - a website dedicated to the preserving, exploring and documenting the ancient history, folklore and traditions of Orkney - a group of islands lying off the northern tip of Scotland,

is a privately-run, non-profit website, created and maintained by Orcadian, Sigurd Towrie.

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Torf Einar and the Blood Eagle
The Comet Stone Around 893AD, the son of Rognvald of Møre became earl of Orkney.

Einar Rognvaldsson's accession to the earldom pleased his father greatly.

A renowned poet, the Orkneyinga saga decribes Einar - or Torf-Einar as he came to be known - as ugly and one-eyed. Despite his father's words, the "low born" son of a slave went on to be an able ruler and warrior.
Who were the Picts?
From the classical authors who mentioned Britain, we know that by the fourth century AD the predominant force in northern Scotland were referred to as "Picts".

Throughout history these "Picts" have always been shadowy, enigmatic figures.

From the outset they were regarded as savage warriors but, by the time of the Norsemen, the memory of the Picts had degenerated into a semi-mythical race of fairies.
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The Knowes of Trotty
Cubbie RooThe Knowes of Trotty is massive Bronze Age barrow cemetery at Huntiscarth, in Harray.

At the foot of the western slope of the hill known as the Ward of Redland, the site is one of the earliest groups of barrows in Orkney and marks a transition from the burial practices of the Neolithic, where the dead were interred in mass communal tombs, to individual barrow burials and cremations.

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