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  A Year of Orcadian Tradition

"'I keep the bones of the dead,' says November.
"But a bright one, a saint, looks out the window, and a candle is burning."


November By November, winter's cloak of darkness has well and truly settled over the islands, with perhaps only six hours of weak, grey sunlight between sunrise and sunset.
  Hallowmas - November 1 - was one of the four occasions in Orkney celebrated by lighting bonfires.

The Hallowmas bonfires continued well after the midsummer and Beltane fires had died out. To a certain extent the Hallowmas bonfires continue to this day - although they have long since been incorporated into the Guy Fawkes celebrations.

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  November was often referred as the "month of the dead". Because of the worsening winter conditions, it was often thought that November was the time the old folk passed away.
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