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  The Unstan Cairn, Stenness

The Layout of the Dwarfie Stane - Graphic by Sigurd Towrie

The diagram shows the oval cairn that covers the stalled chamber within Unstan.

Unstan's main chamber is divided into five compartments of which two are end compartments. It looks likely that the two end-compartments were further subdivided horizontally by a slab of stone that formed a shelf.

Unfortunately, only the supporting stones within the wall remain today.

Section Contents
Orkney's Chambered
Building the Cairns
How were they used?
Unstan Ware and Grooved Ware
Were the Cairns Designed for Sound?

Isbister - The Tomb of the Eagles
Cuween Cairn
Quoyness, Sanday
Wideford Hill
Unstan Cairn
The layout of the cairn
Crantit Cairn
Midhowe, Rousay
Taversoe Tuick
Blackhammer Cairn
The Dwarfie Stane

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