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  The Crantit Cairn, St Ola

The layout of the Crantit Cairn

Plan of the Crantit Tomb

The rough layout of the interior of the Crantit tomb. First excavated in July 1998, the cairn was discovered to be dug into the hillside and divided into four stalled "compartments" as shown above.

Key to Diagram
1 The Northern Chamber
  This compartment was found to contain the badly decomposed remains of three individuals - a woman, a teenager and a child.
2 The Southern Chamber
  This compartment was found to be filled with soil but did yield a fourth badly damaged skull.
3 The Western Chamber
  Found to be empty.
Section Contents
Orkney's Chambered
Building the Cairns
How were they used?
Unstan Ware and Grooved Ware
Were the Cairns Designed for Sound?

Isbister - The Tomb of the Eagles
Cuween Cairn
Quoyness, Sanday
Wideford Hill
Unstan Cairn
Crantit Cairn
The Discovery
The Excavation
The Lightbox
The Layout
Midhowe, Rousay
Taversoe Tuick
Blackhammer Cairn
The Dwarfie Stane

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