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Monday, August 4
(Previous entries available here)

Well its Monday today, and I feel quite lonely now all the team have left Orkney (except Antonia who has moved on to the Ness of Brodgar).

We got the soil back in, and the turf back, on the, very rainy, last Friday – quite dispiriting, but all done now and back in one piece except for a hole in the turfs in Trench A, where there weren’t enough to go back. Wonder if those Orkney voles spirited them away?  

We had a visit last week to the site by Mike Russell, Minister for Environment and he also made a visit to the Orkney College Archaeology Department. He appeared very interested in Orkney’s archaeology, and we were glad he had chosen to visit when the Ring of Brodgar excavation was happening – and on a fabulous day too! 

Colin and I gave a lecture in the Stenness Hall on Friday night, talking about our results, interpretations and thoughts so far. The hall was packed out and was another sign of the high level of interest in and enthusiasm for the work that has been done at Brodgar.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those many visitors to the excavations for their interest and good wishes – and to those of you who have followed our progress on this website.  

While we’re on the subject of thanks, we extend our sincerest thanks to the hard working excavation team – Bob, Antonia, Ruth, Matt, Seamus, Sam, Norma, Adrian, Dave Louise, Duncan, Laura, and Donald too for lending a hand, to Sue, Mary and Amanda for geophysics and survey, to Adrian and the rest of the Historic Scotland MCU who were on site, to Sandra, Elaine, Keith and the other HS Rangers for their enthusiasm and fantastic tours, and to Historic Scotland themselves for permitting us to undertake the work and for their support. And last but of course not least, to Sigurd Towrie for allowing us on his wonderful website. Thank you all!! 

We’ll sign off now, to await the specialist results from the sampling…..they will be several months off yet, but we’ll keep you posted. 

Jane Downes
4th August

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