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The Trows and the Sandwick Farmer

A farmerm, from the tunship of Kirkness in Sandwick, had been plagued for some time by water-trows from the nearby loch.

The creatures were continually playing tricks on the poor man, hiding things, stealing and generally creating chaos around the farm. When drying corn in the kiln, if he went into the house, he would always return to find the kiln fire extinguished.

Eventually the man decided that when working with the kiln, instead of going outside, he would hide under some of his newly-thrashed straw. Pleased at his idea, he carefully concealed himself and, armed with a wicked looking flail, sat waiting patiently.

A short time later two trows scuttled in the door and took a seat by the kiln.

Gritting his teeth, the farmer made to shuffle closer to the creatures, but his movements caused the straw to shift slightly.

One of the trows turned to look, commenting: "Strae's gae'n!" (Straw is moving)

His companion shrugged. "Sit thee doon and warm thee wame. Weel kens thoo strae canna gang." (Sit down and warm your belly. You know well that straw cannot move)

Eventually the concealed farmer managed to wriggle himself quite close to the visiting trows. With a yell he sprang from concealment and set at the intruders with his heavy flail.

Such was the fury of his attack that he was never bothered by trows again.

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