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The Rennibister ghost

Behind the stories of the haunting of a particular cottage, in Rennibister in Firth, lies a particularly disturbing tale.

The house, sitting by the shore at the foot of Wideford Hill, had a reputation for being haunted and, as such, tenants rarely stayed in it long.

When queried about this, one old local outlined his version of the events that led to the cottage’s fearful reputation:

“A good long time ago,” he said, “a man and his wife baed there. They had a bern (child). Then the wife geed (went) off her head and killed the bern.”

“When the man cam’ home wan day, she had laid the deed bern out on the table, with a white cloth over him, and lighted candles all around the edge of the cloth.”

“That bern’s haunted the house ever since. A lot of folk have seen him, and that’s why they’ll no bide (stay) there.”