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Viking hoards in Orkney

To date there have been five Viking 'treasure' hoards found in Orkney:

  • Skaill Hoard found in Sandwick and thought to date from tenth century. Click here for full details.
  • Burray Hoard dating from early eleventh century.

    This consisted of 30 silver rings with a silver armlet, silver rod, interwined silver necklet, 108 pieces of silver cut off rings, decorative ring and three silver Anglo-Saxon coins found in a wooden bowl.
  • Stenness (1879) four gold rings.
  • Stenness nine silver rings found in a mound at the Ring of Brodgar
  • A very large hoard was found at Caldale, St Ola, just outside Kirkwall, in 1774. This find consisted of silver armlets and 300 silver pennies dating to the time of King Cnut (1016-35)
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