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  The Ring of Brodgar, Stenness

the surrounding archaeology

Fresh Knowe. Picture by Sigurd TowrieAlthough the megaliths on the Ness of Brodgar are the most striking remains of Orkney's ancient past, they are but the tip of the archaeological iceberg.

The landscape surrounding the Ring of Brodgar, and the nearby Standing Stones of Stenness, is littered with archaeological sites - many of which go unnoticed by visitor and local alike.

The Brodgar ring, for example, is surrounded by a complex of Bronze Age burial barrows, mounds, cairns and prehistoric earthworks.

The most visible of these, the four mounds now known as Salt Knowe, Fresh Knowe, South Knowe and Plumcake Knowe, were excavated in the early 19th century.

Map of the Brodgar area

Some of the major archaeological sites surrounding the Ring of Brodgar are shown in the diagram below.

Roll your mouse over the relevant site to see its name and click for more information.

Other sites, not covered on the map, are the Wasbister Disc Barrow, The Dyke o' Sean, Skae Frue, and the Ring of Bookan.

The significance of the landscape