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An Offering to Nature

An interesting practice once observed on the island of Rousay, hints at an earlier tradition of leaving an offering to nature.

It is recorded that in some areas up until the early years of the 20th century, a little corner of the last field to be cut was left for "the birds of the air".

The exact purpose of this practice seems clear enough but I have wondered whether this was another way of avoiding responsibility for the "last cut" and therefore the death of the crop spirit.

Harvest Home and Muckle Supper

Section Contents
Casting the Heuks
The Last Sheaf
The Straw Dog - "The Bikko"
Straw Figures and "Last Man" Capers
The Harvest Bannock
The "Ritual Bannock" Connection
Offerings to Nature
Harvest Home and Muckle Supper

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