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  The Taversoe Tuick, Rousay

Layout of the cairn

Upper Chamber: Taversoe Tuick. Illustration by Sigurd Towrie
Upper Chamber - Taversoe Tuick

Section Contents
Orkney's Chambered
Building the Cairns
How were they used?
Unstan Ware and Grooved Ware
Were the Cairns Designed for Sound?

Isbister - The Tomb of the Eagles
Cuween Cairn
Quoyness, Sanday
Wideford Hill
Unstan Cairn
Crantit Cairn
Midhowe, Rousay
Taversoe Tuick
Cairn Layout
The Upper Chamber
The Lower Chamber
The Outer Chamber - Communicating with the dead?
Blackhammer Cairn
The Dwarfie Stane

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