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  Jo Ben's 1529 "Descriptions of Orkney"


Egilschay, as it were, the island of church (the Kirk Isle). In length it is one mile, in breadth half a mile.

The church here is dedicated to St Magnus. Very many passing by this island lose the sight of life*.

The fowls here lay so many eggs that they [are chipped in the hearth]**.

St Magnus was born in this island, and educated was here from infancy, and gave a house to his nurse, namely, a piece of land, where she built a chapel in which was made a solitary vault, and a cradle, a table, a bed, and other necessaries for a house out of stones, but these were afterwards destroyed.

Where cornfields now are, nevertheless the household things [furnishings] still remain.

* - still unclear about this reference. Perhaps a reference to shipwrecks.
** - one of the author's most obscure references. No idea what was intended.

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