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  The Ring of Brodgar, Stenness

The significance of the landscape

Fresh Knowe

Lying to the north-east of the Ring of Brodgar, and across the modern road that bisects the Ness, is the mound known as the Fresh Knowe.

The knowe is one of two large mounds by the side of the Harray Loch - in this case, the one furthest from the car parking area.

The mound is elliptical in shape, and measures 38 metres by 26 metres across, and 5.7 metres tall. Even today, it remains an imposing part of the landscape.

Local antiquarian George Petrie excavated Fresh Knowe in 1853, but found nothing.

This was despite placing a considerable trench in the north side of the mound. It was Petrie's opinion, however, that the mound had been "carefully constructed".

The elliptical shape of the Fresh Knowe may hint that it contains an early Neolithic chambered cairn, rather than being a Bronze Age addition to the landscape.

The mound' s position, by the freshwater Loch o' Harray, probably explains its name.

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