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Wednesday, July 9

Day Three of being on site at the Ring of Brodgar – as we keep saying we have to pinch ourselves to believe we are actually digging at this great monument!

The first two days was spent setting up the site – Historic Scotland Monuments Conservation Unit set up the fencing around the two trenches. Also, to our excitement, they set up their conveyor belt for us to get the turf and soil up out of the ditch as the sides are very steep.  

Yesterday, we started removing turfs from both trenches and quite quickly located the edges of Colin Renfrew’s trenches from 1973 – which was due to surveyor Mary Saunder’s good work in putting the pegs in for us.

Today we were visited by Patricia Weeks of Historic Scotland, who has worked tirelessly to set up this project, and to whom we owe great thanks.

The fabulous Historic Scotland Ranger Service will be providing tours at 11am and 1pm each day, and we will doing a tour each weekday at 4pm.

Check press and this website for open days and tours at weekends.  

Jane Downes

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