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Thursday, July 31
(Previous entries available here)

Work at the Ring of Brodgar is almost over and the northern trench is being backfilled by hand. Normally, this would be done by machine but given the fragility of the Brodgar area this was not possible.

It was hard work excavating the deep ditch and it seems a shame to almost immediately return the soil back into the ditch. Still, we have our conveyor belt which helps a lot and hard work is good for you…

The Brodgar Camera Club

Although much enjoyment was had excavating the Brodgar ditch, another source of great fun was the establishment of the Brodgar Camera Club!

Each week we had two categories and were allowed to submit three photos in each category.

Under the guidance of our esteemed President, Colin Kirkpatrick, the quality of photography has (in some cases) jumped from appalling to excellent!

Each week, we gathered at Jane & Donald’s for the competition judgement. Very tense – our President musing over large numbers of pictures, some the result of DSLR’s with fine lenses, others simple point and click digital camera’s, however, on the whole creativity and an eye for a well-constructed picture won the day.

Everyone gathered around the computer – some thought the President harsh or over critical – others cheered his decisions – as the first, second and third were announced.

In all seriousness, our club has made us all look at imagery in the world in quite a different manner – it has also helped some of us take much better photographs!

Click here and you can view a selection of the entries and judge for yourselves……

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