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Monday, July 28
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An exciting day today, with Norma and Adrian Challands confirming the presence of no less that 19 stone sockets, running from the edge of Trench C, anti-clockwise past the south-eastern causeway, to Trench A. Including the surviving stones and stumps, this means 36 stones once stood in that section (roughly half) of the stone circle.

The sockets near the south-eastern causeway were placed at a distance three metres apart. - Although the space between the stones increased in the northern and north-western sections, the number hints that the Ring of Brodgar could have contained more than the 60 it has long been believed to contain.

A survey of the final section will be required to confirm this.

Picture Sigurd Towrie
Standing at the south-eastern causeway, looking north-west. The white markers show the position of the confirmed socket holes.
Picture Sigurd Towrie
The view to the north-east. Again, the white markers show the position of socket holes.
Picture Sigurd Towrie
The view north-west, towards Trench C.

Picture Sigurd Towrie
And just for fun, a view of the Ring, from the south-east entrance, with some computer generated megaliths returned to the re-discovered socket holes in this section.

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