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Tuesday, July 24
(Previous entries available here)

Picture Sigurd TowrieHello from a windswept Ness of Brodgar. 

I am Ray Mitchell a post-graduate student from Northern Ireland, but residing in Kirkwall for the duration of the course. In keeping with what is becoming the usual format, first the weather.

Following a wet evening today is sunny and dry, but very windy.

Today is more scraping away at what is really outstanding archaeology.

Naomi is being kept busy with the constant stream of small finds that are being recovered from “the big trench”. 

Today, we have recovered more flint and pottery, all of which Naomi is carefully cataloguing and bagging up. The structure that is being uncovered in the big trench become more mysterious as each new stone is uncovered but whatever it turns out to be, it's BIG and very impressive..

Today has been a busy day on the site for visitors (we have two conducted tours daily @ 11.00 & 15.00 but visitors often just arrive) and the tour buses are sure of a cheery wave as they go passed – so make sure you all wave back!

As on previous days, we have several volunteers from FOAT which spreads the load and eases the strain on weary backs and knees – many hands make light work and there is plenty of digging to go around so we seldom get spare moment.

That about it for today my knees are well rested and I am anxious to get back so I don’t miss anything.

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