A rough timeline

  • Trench P overview.

    Trench P overview.

    Circa 3400-3100BC: Earliest structures at the Barnhouse Settlement.

  • Circa 3300-3200BC: Earliest structures built on the Ness of Brodgar site. These have not been reached yet, but may give indications about why this site was chosen and why it developed into the monument we see in later phases.
  • Circa 3200BC: Early buildings at Skara Brae.
  • Circa 3100BC:  A series of oval structures built on Ness of Brodgar. It is perhaps during this stage of development that the massive stone enclosure was built to contain all these buildings.
  • Circa 3000-2900BC: Standing Stones of Stenness constructed.
  • Circa 3000BC: Structures One, Eight, Twelve and Fourteen built. Width of northern boundary wall increased to six metres.
  • Circa 2900-2750BC: Barnhouse Neolithic settlement abandoned. Work begins on Barnhouse Structure Eight.
  • Circa 2900BC: Structure Ten built.
  • Circa 2700BC: Maeshowe constructed.
  • Circa 2600BC: Previous Ness of Brodgar buildings decommissioned and an attempt made to deliberately obliterate them with massive amount of ashy midden-enhanced soil.
  • Circa 2600-2500BC: Construction of Ring of Brodgar.
  • Circa 2600BC-2300BC: Ness of Brodgar Structure Ten goes through various stages of additions and alterations, e.g. the addition of the annex/forecourt at its eastern end, and the incorporation of a pre-existing standing stone into this annex.
  • Circa 2500BC: Ness of Brodgar buildings still in use, but are remodelled.
  • Circa 2450BC: Skara Brae abandoned.
  • Circa 2400BCStructure Ten decommissioned and infilled with a sequence of middens and rubble deposits. This includes infilling the outer paved area with deposits, including the very large bone assemblage – the remains of hundreds of cattle, carefully deposited around it.
  • Circa 2200BC: The walls of Structure Ten and other buildings systematically robbed. There is still, very ephemeral, activity but the site has been erased.
  • Circa AD200: Iron Age remodelling of the Ness of Brodgar midden mound.