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Wednesday, August 20, 2008
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Picture ORCA
Gavin with his star find.

As excavation for this season draws to a close, as usual something has turned up on the last day of final recording, before we start backfilling tomorrow. 

While cleaning back for the final photos of Structure 8, Gavin noticed a small section of unusual stone on top of one of the structure's walls.

Picture ORCA
The macehead as first revealed.

Cleaning carefully back he revealed a beautiful macehead, very reminiscent of the one we discovered on the first day of excavation last year!

Like the last one, this too had been broken across the perforation – a common occurrence for maceheads, that seems to have been a deliberate act before they were deposited in the ground.

A quite remarkable find that has cheered us all up as we prepare to put the site to ‘bed’ till next season –but what a memorable season – even more to look forward to next year – roll on 2009!!

Picture ORCA
The macehead removed from the ground.

Many thanks from us all to all our sponsors and supporters – the Orkney Islands Council, the Robert Kiln Trust, Friends of the Orkney Archaeological Trust, Orkney College and Sandra and Elaine the Historic Scotland Rangers; all the volunteers from every corner of the world; Sigurd Towrie of Orkneyjar for hosting our web diary; and last but not least the hospitality of the land owners involved: Ola and Arnie Tait and John and Carol Hoey, without whose permission and understanding none of this would be possible.

See you all next year!

Picture ORCA
Final photos of Structure 8 for this year.


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