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Friday, August 14, 2009
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Hi my name is Ross and I’m very, very wet.

Today, I’ve been given the wondrously dry job of writing the blog for the site. It's day 20 now at the Ness of Brodgar dig site. The rain is rolling in but we archaeologists still battle on in our neverending quest to dig holes and uncover history, or prehistory as it may be.

Also it appears we’ve all become famous as today the site is in the national papers - The Times and The Scotsman.

Picture ORCA

Lots of interesting things have been happening today. Gavin and his small army of workers have been continuing to take down the midden deposits within Structure 8, and have found the first evidence of unburnt animal bone in this area - in the form of some cattle bone.

They have also found some decorated stone artwork in the structure and have been continuing to investigate the evidence of the old 1920s excavations that took place at the site.

Meanwhile, across the trench in Structure 1, Martin and the Orkney College Master's students have made some interesting discoveries. They’ve found evidence of a mysterious horseshoe-shaped structure in the deposits of the larger building. It appears that another structure was built inside Structure 1 at a later date, after the original structure and its major remodeling had been abandoned.

Around the other side of the trench, in Mika’s sondage he and his small crew - Mike and Sarah - have been uncovering more of the outer wall of Structure 10.

Picture ORCA

In the main part of Structure 10, we’ve been spending the day doing some nice heavy lifting in the rain and clearing out some of the rubble spread that was on top of the possible entrance way into the internal “inner sanctum".  

UPDATE: A possible polished (and decorated?) axe has just been found in the center of Structure 10 near where the rubble was being cleared earlier 

In "standing stone corner" to the eastern exterior of Structure 10, the excavation has stopped at a possible flagged floor. That area of the building has been yielding many a nice find such as Skaill knives and hammer stones.

Lastly, over the fence and into the garden of Lochview - the house adjacent to the dig site - Trench R, manned by Sarah, Kevin and co. have been uncovering another huge wall, much like the “Great wall of Brodgar” discovered last year. In fact it may be even bigger, than the great wall - we may have a “Greater wall of Brodgar" on our hands!

Picture ORCA
Trench R - the 'Greater Wall of Brodgar' and still going down.
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