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Friday, August 10
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Cherry-Picking Day!! 

Hello again! I’m here to add the next exciting instalment to the web diary for Ness of Brodgar! And a very exciting day it has been too!

At this very moment several members of the team are taking it in turns to ride the cherry picker up to a dizzying height to observe the trenches at a slightly different angle to their norm!

Although this is all very exciting and fun it is also very useful in gaining a new perspective on the site and improving site understanding. As I suffer from vertigo I thought I would occupy my time by filling you guys in on the latest. 

A good place to start is the weather – which has been glorious for most of the week. This makes up for the abysmal start on Monday when excavation was called off. I think we have all made up for it by digging extra hard in the sunshine! 

Some fantastic news has been relayed to you already but I thought I should further elucidate on Gemma’s amazing day of discoveries (yes, plural!).

She wanted to find an entrance and she certainly has in wonderful fashion.

It was also soon discovered that the walling that constituted the entranceway contained a decorated stone – this was very exciting and Gemma continues to excavate in that area, so fingers crossed we will have more to tell you all later…watch this space! 

In other news Trench J becomes more complicated by the day as ashy spreads are removed to reveal new layers.

There has been an abundance of new finds, including 5 new pot lids!! As well as several more large pieces of pot in trench P.

In trench N there seems to be several more features putting in an appearance as layers of soil is stripped back and these features are of the wall kind!

A very nice (and slightly enigmatic at this stage) curved wall has been revealed at its south end.

At trench M there is what appears to be the continuance of the lovely wall feature in trench N – this all looks good for explaining the linear anomaly found by the geophysics.

Trench P continues to look better and more interesting every day, especially the section Ray is excavating to reveal stone features and some very nice walls. 

Everyone is looking forward to Sunday’s Open Day and hopefully the many visitors we will have attracted. Please come if you can – you are sure to enjoy the site of a truly magnificent Neolithic settlement as it is revealed! 

Clare Cross 

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