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OAT Excavation Images

Nick Card, Jane Downes and Julie Gibson

Berstness Excavation Brodgar Magnetometry
The mortuary structure at Berstness, Westray under excavation by Hazel Moore and Graeme Wilson of EASE in conjunction with OAT

Magnetometry at the Ring of Brodgar as part of the World Heritage Area Geophysics Programme being run by OAT with the actual geophysics being undertaken by GSB of Bradford

TV Interview Minehowe

Daphne being interviewed about the bones from Isbister, the Tomb of the Eagles for Japanese television

Excavation of the alcove at the rear of Mine Howe

Cist Discovery Vestrafiold Investigation

Julie and Jane discussing the discovery of yet another cist site in Rendall

The prehistoric quarry at Vestrafiold under investigation by Colin Richards and students from Manchester University

Knowes of Trotty Round Howe

A site visit to the excavations at the impressive Bronze Age cemetery of the Knowes of Trotty, Harray being undertaken by Jane Downes and Nick Card

Excavations of the "broch that never was" at Round Howe as part of the Mine Howe environs project

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