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A Norse Age Boatman from Newark Bay

Theya Molleson
The Natural History Museum, London, SW7 5BD.

Plate One Enlargement

Plate 1. Some of 69/67A's bone anomalies, both normal variation and degenerative.

  • 1. The teeth are extremely worn especially on the back molars.
  • 2. The sternum is very wide.
  • 3. Osteo-arthrosis of lateral condyles of the left and right tibias.
  • 4. There is severe eburnation of both scapulo-humeral joints of the shoulders.
  • 5. Constriction atrophy of the left and right humeri. Marked depression on the medial side below the humeral neck where the scapula impacted against the shaft of the humerus.
  • 6. The wrists too are greatly affected; the distal ends of both radii are severely eburnated.
  • 7. Radius-ulna with false joint on left radius. 8. Robust metacarpals of left and right thumbs.
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