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  • James Barrett: University of York
  • Colleen Batey: Freelance archaeologist
  • Don Brothwell: University of York
  • Anne Brundle: Orkney Museum/Vice-chairman of Orkney Heritage Society (OHS)
  • Nick Card: OAT
  • Marion and John Chesters: Friends of Orkney Archaeological Trust
  • Desmond Collins: HADAS
  • Don Cooper: Chairman of HADAS
  • Barbara and Robert Crawford: St Andrews University (and Ravie Hill)
  • Keith Dobney: University of Durham
  • Jane Downes: Orkney College
  • Hilda Firth: Committee member of OHS/Former membership secretary of FOAT
  • Sandy Firth: Vice President of OHS
  • Julie Gibson: OAT
  • Liz Gilmore: Museum volunteer/Membership secretary of FOAT
  • Ian Heddle: President of OHS
  • Anne Johnston: Museum volunteer/FOAT committee member
  • Ronnie Johnston: Orkney College
  • Dave Lawrence: Freelance archaeologist
  • Margaret Maher: HADAS
  • Neil McCance: Museum volunteer/Treasurer OHS
  • Theya Molleson: Natural History Museum
  • Tom Muir: Orkney Museum
  • June Porges: HADAS
  • Colin Renfrew: Patron of Orkney Archaeological Trust
  • Alison Sheridan: Department of Archaeology, National Museum of Scotland
  • Pete Stokes: OHS member
  • Vicki Szabo: Western Carolina University
  • Cameron Taylor: Former secretary of OAT
  • Sigurd Towrie: Journalist and Trustee of Orkney Archaeological Trust
  • Kate Towsey: Oral Historian
  • Ann Trewick: HADAS
  • Caroline Wickham-Jones: Freelance archaeologist and Trustee of Orkney Archaeological Trust.

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