Skeleton unearthed at Minehowe, Tankerness.

The skull of the Minehowe skeleton unearthed in the summer of 2004. At the bottom of the picture, on the chest, is the fragment of deer skull/antler, with the six distinctive drill marks clearly visible. (Picture: Sigurd Towrie)

This section of Orkneyjar.com was established in 2003, as a means of gathering, publishing, and archiving, the archaeology articles I write for The Orcadian newspaper.

Long before I became a reporter for the newspaper, I had a keen interest in the county’s history and archaeology.

In Orkney, there’s always some sort of excavation work going on, usually in the more clement summer months, and as a reporter with an interest as (some) knowledge of the subject, it soon fell to me to cover them.

And I must say, it has been a privilege to have been involved, in my own small way, in excavations such as Minehowe, the Ring of Brodgar, Stonehall and the Ness of Brodgar – to name but a few.

These days, as The Orcadian’s news editor, my expeditions away from the desk are less common, although I still make a point of getting the shorthand notebook out and handling the archaeological stories myself. The help and support of my archaeological colleagues in the county continue to make this task a real pleasure.

Unless otherwise credited, all articles in this section were written by me.

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