Archaeologists return to the Brough of Deerness

The Brough of Deerness. (Picture: Sigurd Towrie)

The Brough of Deerness. (Picture: Sigurd Towrie)

Archaeologists are back at a Viking Age village on the Brough of Deerness this week, for a third season of excavations on the rocky islet.

A team, led by Dr James Barrett, of the University of Cambridge’s McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, were due back on the Brough from Monday, June 20, finishing, six weeks later, on July 29.

Dr Barrett and his team were last on the Brough in 2009.

Then, the excavations confirmed that, in its latest phase at least, the islet was the site of a high-status Norse settlement — probably the stronghold of a Viking “chieftain” — and a settlement that was as much a symbol of power and prestige as it was a stronghold.

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