Archaeologists are back at Wyre’s Neolithic settlement

One of the Neolithic houses at Ha'Breck, Wyre. (Picture: ORCA)

A team from the Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology (ORCA) returned to Wyre last week, to continue investigations on the remains of a Stone Age settlement.

The site, at Ha’Breck, comprises Neolithic timber and stone houses, working areas and a domestic quarry.

The excavation directors are Antonia Thomas and Daniel Lee.

Antonia explained: “We have exposed the entire footprint of the buildings we are looking at this year and are straight on to ashy floor deposits and the foundations.

“We have three houses, one timber post structure and two stone houses built end to end with one another. We also have a small domestic quarry, which was the source of the stone for the houses. We’ve found this to have been backfilled with Neolithic and Bronze Age material.

“So far, there’s not too much in the way of finds, as the house floors seem to have been kept fairly clear.”

Although visitors are welcome at the site at any time, there is a special open afternoon this Saturday, May 14, when there will be guided tours, a chance to see the finds and talk to the team.

Click here to view the excavation’s Facebook page.

The excavation, which runs until May 20, has been funded by Orkney Islands Council, Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, LEADER European Funding, Orkney Archaeology Society and Orkney College Archaeology Department, with additional support provided by Wyre Community Council, Orkney Ferries and the Flaws family.

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